Behind the scenes – Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragini, ook wel bekend als blogger van The Blonde Salad.

I receive all the new colours from the brands, I’m super lucky I know! My favorite manicure is black, white or red, but I like trying other colours as well.

I’ve always wanted a dog in this color and when I decided it was the right time to get her she was the only one left at the dog breeding. When she was two months old she managed to get inside my room and ate a pair of Forever 21 heels. She made the right choice: next to them there was a new pair of Louboutins that she wisely decided not to taste.



I like neutral colours, total black look or total white look.

I always have a pair of sunglasses, my wallet, my iPhone, chewing gum and perfume in my bag.


My favorite fragrance is Miss Dior. Have been using it since I was 18. It was a dream came true when I got chosen to make a video for this fragrance last March.

Bron: thecoveteur

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